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General framework

The Field of the Technology Platform includes Mechatronics, Integronics & Adaptronics. The term "mechatronics" as a result of the abbreviation of the combined concepts of "mechanics" and "electronics" was developed by a Japanese engineer in a company called YASKAWA ELECTRIC, in 1969, and protected as a mark by this firm until 1982. Due to the great complexity of the field, there is no uniform definition of the concept. The most widespread definition is the one present in IEE / ASME - "Transactions on Mechatronics" - in 1996: "Mechatronics is the synergistic integration of mechanical engineering with electronic control and intelligent control with the computer in the design and manufacturing of intelligent products and processes."

Experts and specialists in the field appreciate that the mechatronic technology comports computer science as "tone-giving" in relation to the material and energy, and the promotion of the informational connections in the structure of systems gives them flexibility and makes them reconfigurable.

In theory, Mechatronics has scientifically developed, assimilating new scientific and technological discoveries related to miniaturization concepts, mecatronization, integronizare şi adaptronizare . integronization and adaptronization.

In practice Mechatronics, has become a field formation and generation of new information, applications and trends in intelligent systems and advanced high-tech technologies. (Fig.1)

In Europe, universities represented by technical universities in Germany, Belgium, France, Italy, Poland, Netherlands, Switzerland and England have developed educational materials for undergraduate and post-graduate specialization in Mechatronics and the first generation of engineers with Diploma in Mechatronics graduated in 1989, in England.

The term "Integronics" as a result of the abbreviation of the combined concepts of "integration" and "mechatronics" was developed by INCDMTM in 2000 and protected as intellectual property.

Due to the complexity and multi-functionality of the field, integronics is synthesized as definition as the "multi-intelligent, informatic and information integration of mechatronics, similar to the human body and human knowledge"

Compared with systems theory and cybernetics, "integronics" takes into account how the systems are established and grow.

Thus, integronics is an integrative polyvalent science whose multi-vector outcome is a sumum of scientific, technical, economic and socio-psychological results is a synergistic integration of technical disciplines with other theoretical disciplines, is an integration of components, sub-systems and / or systems with anatomy, functions and components alike to humans.

In brief, Integronics brings attention to new solutions of integration and mix-integration, as well as integration with addiction, integration by choice, etc. (Fig.2) (Fig. 2)

The term "Adaptronics” essentially describes the technical and technological fields internationally known as intelligent systems, intelligent and / or intelligent materials and intelligent processes, describes the ease to build adaptive and adaptative systems and structures, with the objective of reducing material, technological and energy for implementation and operation to an absolute minimum, describes various applications scenarios focused on "nature", trying to simulate "vital functions" and the ability of biological systems to recognize and automatically correct the dysfunctions of their structure.

Thus, an adaptronic system is characterized by adaptability and versatility, in order to combine the greatest possible number of applications and features. (Fig.3 şi Fig.4) (Fig.3 and Fig.4)

Adaptronics is a multi-inter-disciplinary engineering and an innovative technology that collects and integrates fundamental knowledge of structural Mechatronics, generative Integronics, Materials Science and Engineering, Architecture of actuators and sensors, as well as measurement and automatic control technology and computer engineering. (Fig.5 şi Fig.6) (Fig.5 and Fig.6)

As technology for the future, Adaptronics and Applied Adaptronics facilitate both performance and know-how of mechatronic systems and micro-nano-systems and performance and know-how of systems and integronicmicro-nanosystem, as well as highly competitive, fully adaptive and adaptive product and system development.

Was launched in September 2012, on occasion of MECAHITECH'12 International Conference - "4th International Conference on Innovations, Recent Trends and Challenges in Mechatronics, Mechanical Engineering and New High-Tech Products Development" -.