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MBR1- MBR 1 – Biomechatronics Laboratory-BIOLAB

BIOLAB Objectives

General objective

BIOLAB has, as a general objective, the contribution to increase the economic competitiveness in the medium and long term, by improving the quality and efficiency of research and development activities in national institutes, which will provide efficient services for public health units, by equipping with the most modern equipments, tools, rehabilitation software, and by creating new modern research laboratories.

BIOLAB will support the integration of research - development - innovation in INCDMTM Bucharest, in the field of biomechatronics, in innovative economic activity, based on knowledge, emergence in the Bucharest-Ilfov Development Region, as well as in the European Research Area (ERA).

Specific objectives

BIOLAB has the following specific objectives:

Research areas

1. Research, design, prototyping of biomechatronic rehabilitation systems for:
      - Kinematics and dynamics of the human body;
      - Biomecanica computațională şi experimentală;
      - Geometric modeling of anatomical structures;
      - Motion analysis;
      - Development of medical devices for anatomical reconstruction and physical rehabilitation;
      - Study of pathological and non-pathological human movement;
      - Assisting people with disabilities who have special needs in daily life activities;
      - Supporting mobility;
      - Supporting social rehabilitation (cognitive robots);
      - Assisting therapists in performing repetitive exercises with their patients (therapeutic exercise robots).

2. Verification of biomechatronic rehabilitation systems procured from import or domestic production for marketing..

3. Participation in interlaboratory comparisons at European level of medical devices and equipment.

Main projects:

BIOLAB presentation

BIOLAB is located in the building of the National Research-Development Institute for Mechatronics and Measurement Technique (INCDMTM), 4th floor.

Both for partnerships with private and public business environments, as well as for involvement in research-development and innovation projects, we can be contacted at: laborator_biomecatronica@yahoo.com

BIOLAB works closely with Rapid Prototyping laboratories (link) and Microsystems of investigation, biosensors and materials (link), offering complete RDI services for the realization and testing of medical implants, testing of static / dynamic test parts and diagnosis and medical recovery for locomotor diseases

Research team:
Drd. Eng. Flavia-Petruța-Georgiana Stochioiu

BIOLAB includes: :
1.Software şi echipamente hardware pentru reconstrucţie 3D din imagini medicale CT şi proiectare.
2. Equipment for testing, at complex loads, of biomechatronic systems under conditions similar to those in vivo.
3. Walking analysis and simulation system