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The Relay Center for Technology Transfer and Consultancy CRTTC - INCDMTM Bucharest, was established in 1998, under Order no. 130 of 20.05.1998 issued by the Ministry of Research and Technology (now Ministry of Education), and now CRTTC - INCDMTM Bucharest is organized as an association with legal personality and works as part of INCDMTM under GD 406/2003, Decision certificate. 9056/24.02.2006. CRTTC – is a member of ARoTT INCDMTM Bucharest (Romanian Association for Technology Transfer) and has signed protocols of cooperation with CTT and CENTA-ISIM-CCIB (Timisoara). CRTTC staff - INCDMTM Bucharest are specialized in technology transfer and have participated in various actions in the area of interest and specialized training courses by OSIM, ORDA, ANEVAR lecturers and so on. (Eg. Summer School "Industrial Property and Innovation", "Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer - Support for the Development of Advanced Technologies in the Economy, Protection of Inventions in the Field of Software and Graphical User Interfaces Protection", summer school "Business Assessment", study visit to Germany - Austria, etc..). Also, a significant role of CRTTC staff is to promote technology transfer of INCDMTM Bucharest by the participation in various fairs, shows and exhibitions - over 30 (i.e. 36th International Exhibition of Inventions, Techniques and New Products in Geneva, in 2008; TIB; TIMISOARA Regional Research Saloon 2008; ALEXANDRIA Regional Research Saloon 2008, Expo Transilvania - Proinvent, National Hydraulic, Pneumatic, Electronic, Specific and Mechatronic Equipment Saloon - HERVEX, European Research and Innovation Exhibition Fair - Paris 2007, etc.) The fundamental objective and strategy options CRTTC fundamental objectives of the medium run are: (1) creation through technological transfer of industrial sub-sectors of precision mechanics, optics and mechatronics for a functioning market, consistent with the EU principles, rules, mechanisms, institutions and policies; (2) shaping the convergence of technology transfer, based both on evaluation of resources and opportunities, as well as domestic and international context; (3) TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER support to the imperative to conclude the transition to a market economy, in the mechanics, optics and mechatronics industry, as well as preparations for joining the following industrial sectors: mechanics, optics and mechatronics, to the related EU industrial fields. Appropriate strategy options aimed at creating fundamental objective conditions: (1) providing specific industry sectors to increase the share of precision mechanics, optics and mechatronics based on Technology Transfer and to increase the investment rate, both through a significant participation of national capital and attracting external resources; (2) advancing in the stabilization of the specific sub-industry of precision mechanics, optics and mechatronics related technology field by promoting the transfer and affordable insurance policies for budget deficits and dynamic quasi-fiscal deficit reduction in specific industrial sectors; (3) promotion and Technology Transfer and integration of coherent mechanisms, compatible with EU, aimed at "adjusting" the scope of structural mechanics, optics and mechatronics, development and modernization of specific sub-domains, revitalization and upgrading of thr industrial subsectors to support implementation of computerized information technology to the specific industry and, through him, computerization of other industrial sectors for a national development strategy; (4) creating an optimal environment of TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER AND BUSINESS, a specific market area based on the development of market competition, reducing costs and easing the tax burden and the promotion of specific measures to stimulate small and medium enterprises; (5) modernization and development of Technology Transfer and other industrial and industry-specific services to meet the best needs and internal (and external) market needs and countries closer to EU standards; (6) enhance the technology transfer process of remodeling and structure of industrial production capacity and scope for precision mechanics, optics and mechatronics, including by developing and fostering cooperation with EU partners, including entities related to infrastructure, technology transfer, due to the consolidation of operation market economy, infrastructure and competitive climate of a real revitalization of small and medium enterprises with potential competitiveness; (7) sequencing and resizing the selection process of economic agents and employees in the field of precision mechanics, optics and mechatronics, in the restructuring process and economic recovery by absorption of the most effective technology transfer from research and development; (8) TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER development within the consulting and training, entrepreneurial training and business through relay centers specific to transfer precision mechanics, optics and mechatronics, to facilitate the provision of useful services for SMEs; (9) improving project management research, development and innovation and technology transfer capacity to generate scientific and technological knowledge in the field of precision mechanics, optics and mechatronics for reducing gaps in technology, information infrastructure development, application of standard assessment procedures activity and staff capacity to disseminate scientific and technological knowledge by extending infrastructure and services transfer marketing, industry liaison offices, business centers and centers of excellence; (10) absorption capacity of innovation in the economic environment by developing the field of precision mechanics, optics and mechatronics, respectively, through technology transfer of results in this priority area.