Welcome to the website of the 4th International Conference of Mechatronics and Cyber-MixMecatronics - ICOMECYME, organized by the National Institute of R&D in Mechatronics and Measurement Technique, in Bucharest, on September 10th - 11th, 2020.

Join us as we host the 4th Edition of the International Conference of Mechatronics and Cyber-Mixmechatronics - ICOMECYME, in the Capital City of Romania, Bucharest! You will have the chance to interact with specialists around the globe in the exciting world of innovation and new scientific discoveries

The theme for this new International Conference goes beyond Mechatronics to the exciting world of Cyber-MixMechatronics. We will deliver a programme that will enrich your knowledge and will change the way in which you work.

The conference will facilitate the interaction and exchange of experience and good practice between experts in universities, research institutes, and private companies and will be a great opportunity to stimulate innovation and spread awareness amongst the representatives of the economic environment on the importance of research results and technology transfer in the private sector, as also stated under "Horizon 2020". The event will benefit from the high patronage of the Romanian Ministry of Education and Research, of the Romanian Academy, and of the Academy of Technical Sciences in Romania - ASTR.

All conference papers will be included in the Proceedings. Based on a single blind evaluation, selected papers will be listed in the International Journal of Mechatronics and Applied Mechanics (www.ijomam.com) which is indexed in SCOPUS, EBSCO, EiCompendex and PROQUEST.

The main topics addressed by ICOMECYME International Conference are:

  • Integrated Mechatronics;
  • Integronics and Adaptronics;
  • Cyber-mechatronic and cyber-mixmechatronics;
  • Claytronics and cyber- claytronics;
  • Applied Mechanics ;
  • High-tech mechatronic, micro-mechatronic and nano-mechatronic systems;
  • Mechatronic processes in production and intelligent integrated control;
  • Mechatronic Intelligent system production and control;
  • Robotics, micro-robotics and nano-robotics;
  • Modeling and simulation in mechatronics;
  • Integrated intelligent control systems;
  • Computer image and imaging processing;
  • Smart bio-medical and bio-mechatronic systems;
  • MEMS and NEMS;
  • Instrumentation and measurement;
  • Smart environmental systems
  • Process monitoring;
  • New materials;
  • Technology transfer of high-tech mechatronic in industry;
  • Water network monitoring;
  • Sensors, micro-nanosensors and transducers, micro-nanotransducers;
  • System and computer engineering;
  • Intelligent micro-nanoengineering;
  • Intelligent measurement technique;
  • Nano-chemistry, physical chemistry of biological systems;
  • Chemical reactions: mechanisms, dynamics, kinetics and catalytic reactions;
  • Micro - Nanotechnology;
  • System optimization;
  • Risk integrated management;
  • Gas and oil networks monitoring;
  • Communication and distributed intelligent systems;
  • High productivity and high added-value industrial services; and other specialized smart fields ;
The Conference language will be English.

Additional details will be available soon. Please contact us at incdmtm@incdmtm.ro for any further questions.


National Institute of Research and Development for Mechatronics and Measurement Technique in Bucharest, Romania

Relay Centre for Technological Transfer and Consultancy


Bucharest-Ilfov Regional Mechatronics Cluster << MECHATREC >>

Ministry of Education and Research

University "Concordia" - Montreal, Canada

Institute for Water Education - UNESCO - IHE, Delft, Holland

Academy of Technical Sciences of Romania

University Polytechnic of Bucharest - Research and Development Centre for Mecatronics - CCDM - Romania

Valahia University of Targoviste

"Transilvania" University of Brasov

General Association of Engineers in Romania - AGIR


The Technical University Cluj-Napoca

Technical University "Gheorghe Asachi" of Iasi

"Politehnica" University of Timisoara



The Romanian Association of Precision Mechanics and Mecatronics from Romania - AMFOR


Romanian Society of Mecatronics - SROMECA

The professional association of the Romanian patronage of precision mechanics, optics and mecatronics - APROMECA

Order of the Knights of Malta

Association of Masons in Romania