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We are at your disposal if you would like us to grant you access to public information.

By law 544/2001 on free access to information of public interest (published in the Official Gazette no. 663/23 October 2001), any person (Art. 3) is allowed to request this type of information.

If you would like to be granted acces to pieces of public information in writing, please use the specially designed form. You can also use the form provided on this site in the event of a complaint.

The person in charge of providing public information is the Public Relations officer, Mrs. Andreea STANCIU (phone: (+021); e-mail: incdmtm.ro)

The costs of multiplying the requested public interest documents shall be borne by the petitioner.

The manner in which you can litigate the refusal to provide information of public interest is described here.

The Public Information Request Form can be found here.

The Administrative Complaint Form can be found here.