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In its original form, INCDMTM was established in February 1971 under the name CCPMFS - CIMF. Its object of activity consisted in the design, realization and technological optimization of measuring and control devices, respectively of cutting tools. The institute had 120 employees at that time and had a very well-equipped modeling workshop. Shortly after the opening of the unit in Bucharest, the first two ubsidiariess were established: in Sibiu and Rasnov.

The 1980's represented a period of development for the Institute, with the expansion of its profile and its reorganization so that it could serve almost any industrial sector. This was possible mainly due to the high-productivity technology transfer, which was considered a priority. Subsidiaries in Blaj and Focşani have also been established.

The period immediately following the Romanian Revolution (1989) and the beginning of the 1990's were a turning point in the subsequent evolution of the Institute. Because of the economic collapse and of the political instability, extreme measures were resorted to: significant staff reductions (including the dismissal of valuable researchers), the closing down of the subsidiaries, and the separation of the production department from the Institute, which became a company (which was privatized and closed down in 1996).

After this grim period, the year 1996 brought a reorganization of the Institute into INCDMTM (in its current form), and its accreditation by the Ministry of Research and Youth.

1999 is emblematic for the evolution of the Institute. This corresponds to winning a series of competitions organized by the Ministry of Research and Youth (for example: CALIST and RELANSIN), which attracted grants that boosted the development of INCDMTM.

Since 2000 we can speak of a return to stability. Now the foundations have been laid for a development program adapted to the new objectives of restoring the technical-scientific potential. It aimed at maintaining the staff at an average of 180 employees, the gradual restoration of the workshop of models, unique and prototypes, the reorganization of research and development laboratories, as well as the restructuring and, respectively, the certification of testing laboratories. Fortunately, all these goals have been achieved. Therefore, a series of traditional beneficiaries were regained, such as SC Dacia-Renault Piteşti and SC Hesper SA Bucharest. In addition, INCDMTM participated in all competitions of the National Plan for Research-Development-Innovation and in the Core and Sectoral programs. During this period, the Center of Excellence "Thermotechnical Measurement Technique" and the Center of Excellence "Logistics and Transfer for Hard and Extra Hard Materials" and the Inter-Regional Center for Innovation and Technological Transfer Chisinau-Iasi-Bucharest were created.

In 2013, the Institute stood an international evaluation, after which it was awarded grade A + (the highest rank).

In 2021, following the institutional evaluation process, INCDMTM was accredited for the next five years. The evaluators' report can be accessed here

The Institute staff currently features approximately 100 employees.