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The laboratory is recognized by the 'RENAR' National Accreditation Body - based on the Accreditation Certificate: LI 1247/31.08.2021 - by which it is accredited in accordance with SR EN ISO / IEC 17025: 2018 - to carry out TESTING activities.

The services offered by LIL Laboratory are aimed at all beneficiaries who require high-precision measurements in the field of dimensional metrology, namely:

  1. Determination of dimensional and shape deviations for smooth cylindrical gauges (plug gauges; ring gauges);
  2. Determination of indication errors for inside, outside and depth calipers;
  3. Determination of indication errors for outside micrometers;
  4. Determination of indication errors for dial and digimatic indicators;
  5. Determination of indication errors for pneumatic comparators;
  6. Determination of linear and angular dimensional deviations, shape and position deviations for various gauges, devices, parts and subassemblies.
  7. Hardness test for metallic materials.

In addition to the services covered by the accreditation certificate, the LIL Laboratory provides support services for CDI activities to external partners.