Institutul National de Cercetare–Dezvoltare pentru Mecatronica si Tehnica Masurarii–INCDMTM–Bucuresti, ca organizator principal, anunta a 8-a editie a Conferintei Internationale MECAHITECH – “8th International Conference on Innovations, Recent Trends and Challenges in Mechatronics, Mechanical Engineering and New High – Tech Products Development.

Conferinta Internationala MECAHITECH’16 este, in viziunea noastra, un prilej  de interactiune si schimb de experienta si bune practici intre specialisti ai universitatilor, institutelor/ centrelor ce cercetare si companiilor din domeniul mecatronicii si ingineriei mecanice de precizie, precum si dezvoltarii de noi produse high-tech si introducerii sau modernizarii de tehnologii si micro-nanotehnologii avansate in procesul de fabricatie.

MECAHITECH  se adreseaza in special acelor institutii si companii interesate de colaborari in proiecte stiintifice din domeniu. Intentia noatra este sa identificam puncte comune de interes in scopul de a se participa la activitati de colaborare internationala precum: acorduri stiintifice, integrare a doctoranzilor in cadrul companiilor / universitatilor europene, transfer tehnologic, retele tematice de proiecte europene de cercetare ale UE etc.

Conferinta isi propune sa promoveze rezultatele de cercetare stiintifica, dezvoltare tehnologica si inovare din tara noastra, dar si pentru a familiariza participantii din alte tari cu stadiul de dezvoltare a mecatronicii si mecanicii de precizie din Romania, prin facilitarea interactiunii si a schimbului de experienta si bune practici intre Romania si universitati straine, institute de cercetare si companii private.

Intentia este de a identifica puncte comune de interes, in scopul de a asigura participarea la programele UE si integrarea cercetarii romanesti in spatiul european de cercetare. In plus, conferinta isi propune sa stimuleze inovatia si constientizarea in randul reprezentantilor mediului economic cu privire la importanta rezultatelor cercetarii si transferul de tehnologie in sectorul privat, in conformitate cu programul UE “Orizont 2020″.

Organizat sub egida IEEE Romania, aceasta Conferinta Internationala se desfasoara sub patronajul MINISTERULUI EDUCATIEI NATIONALE SI CERCETARII STIINTIFICE – AUTORITATEA NATIONALA PENTRU CERCETARE STIINTIFICA SI INOVARE si al Academiei Romane, precum si al Academiei de Stiinte Tehnice din Romania – ASTR.

Temele abordate de MECAHITECH’16 sunt:

  • Sisteme high-tech mecatronice, micromecatronice & nanomecatronice;
  • Procese mecatronice in cadrul productiei si a controlului inteligent integrat;
  • Sisteme mecatronice inteligente de productie si control;
  • Productie integrata computerizata;
  • Robotica / microrobotica & nanorobotica;
  • Modelare & simulare;
  • Sisteme de control inteligent integrat;
  • Imagistica pe computer & procesarea imaginii;
  • Planificarea si controlul operatiilor;
  • Sisteme biomedicale si biomecatronice;
  • MEMS & NEMS;
  • Robotica;
  • Instrumentatie & control;
  • Mediul inconjurator;
  • Monitorizarea proceselor;
  • Materiale noi;
  • Comunicatii si sisteme inteligente distribuite;
  • Monitorizarea retelelor de apa potabila;
  • Transferul tehnologic al sistemelor mecatronice in indutrie;
  • Servicii industriale de productivitate inalta si valoare adaugata mare;
  • Senzori / micronanosenzori si traductoare / micronanotraductoare;
  • Ingineria sistemelor si a computerelor;
  • Inginerie integronica;
  • Micro-inginerie inteligenta;
  • Tehnica masurarii inteligente;
  • Nano-chimie, chimie fizica a sistemelor biologice;
  • Reactii chimice: mecanisme de reactie, dinamica a reactiilor, cinetica a reactiilor si reactii catalitice
  • Nanotehnologie
  • Optimizarea sistemelor
  • Managementul integrat al riscurilor
  • Tehnica masurarii
  • Optica & optoelectronica
  • Monitorizarea retelelor de gaz si petroliere
  • Cyber-Mecatronica.


Organizatorii conferintei va propun un cadru de promovare a cooperarii internationale si de schimb de bune practici in domeniile mai sus mentionate si nu numai.

Limba de comunicare la conferinta va fi engleza.

MECAHITECH is organized under the aegis of IEEE Romania



Impresiile participantilor
  • It is a pleasure to have a honor to add my name to the “carte de onoare ”. I wish to congratulate the Organization of the 1st MECAHITECH International Conference and in particular the Chairman, Professor Ion Gheorghe, for this initiative for promoting the exchange of research experiences and views and ideas, and also for launching seeds for Romanian participation and collaboration in international projects, mainly under the European Union Research Framework.
    I am very honored for Professor Gheorghe invitation and to some extent to have contributed as a Programme Committee member and as an author to this successful initiative.
    Best wishes all of the INCDMTM and to Romania.

    Bucharest, 08.Oct.2009

  • I appreciate the initiative of promoting and holding the 2nd edition of the MECAHITECH CONFERENCE on 2010.
    It is certainly a good way of interchanging ideas and promoting collaboration between the large community interest in Mechatronics products and projects which of interest of scientists and experts from many engineering area.
    Congratulations and wishes of good conferences and many cooperation projects.

  • I am very proud I had been invited to participate the first MECAHITECH conference, perfectly organized by the National Institute of Research and Developments for Mecahatronics and Measurement Techniques in Bucharest, as a member of conference scientific committee. The presented papers show high level of scientific and technical problems.
    I expect such conference meeting and presented scientific results will contribute to establish a new international cooperation for your institute.
    I will happy participate in other interesting conferences and I congratulate all conference organizers for this good work.
    Jan Hosek
    Bucharest, Oct. 8, 2009

  • I am very happy to be present at your conference again. According my last experience and focus of conference I brought my doctoral student Ales Gregor here too. We are very satisfied with this conference performance and care you offer us.
    I have to very appreciate the conference organizers’ effort to push the conference still to a higher quality level. I enjoyed all conference activities very well and I am looking forward to my next participation.

    Bucharest, Oct. 23, 2011
    Jan Hosek

  • I am really delighted that I could spend such a nice time here in Bucharest.
    The conference was very well organized and added value for me as I had my first presentation here at the interesting conference.
    I have got a lot of new information during both days about recent research in mechatronics and other field that have been presented here.
    I am looking forward to be here again in a future. Thank you.
    Bucharest, September 23, 2011

  • This conference was an opportunity for positive exchanges between scientists from complementary fields, a set of high quality papers were presented, and discussions could continue during the breaks.
    One must outline the quality of the organization and the warm welcome. Side events were largely appreciated.
    Certainly, personal contact will result from this meeting.
    Marcel Poulain

  • Many thanks to Professor Gh. I. Gheorghe and to his team and for the high quality of presented papers.
    A special thanks to Andreea Popescu for her big kindness and for her collaboration.
    With best regards,
    Prof. R. El Abdi

  • A good organization and a success that has never been used to in previous edition of Mecahitech. Congratulations to the staff and the chairmanship of professor Gh. I. Gheorghe.
    Wishes of same success to next Mecahitech events. ***

  • Congratulations to the organization team!
    Each year, the quality of the conference is being improved!
    Next year we will meet again!
    Jose Machado

  • It has been an honor to be at the National Institute of Research of Development for Mechatronics & Measurements Technique.
    Conferences such as Mecahitech 2009 need to be promoted and supported, not only to show the valuable work undergoing at Romanian Universities and Research Centers, but also to bring together experiences from various countries and to promote the exchange of experiences in order to be able to work together on projects at European level.
    These interchanges of ideas, knowledge and people are the basic fundamentals of an integrated Europe for the citizens.
    Thank you.

    Bucharest, 2009
    Mario Lima

  • This conference has a very high quality of papers that reflect a very quality of the related works developed in the domain of Mechatronics.
    My congratulations to the organizers for this wonderful scientific event.
    Jose Machado

  • Congratulation to the organization. This conference is an important space to know the technology used at this moment in your country and the world.
    Last year I visited this place and I liked the technology that I saw in your university.

    Pedro Torres

  • Congratulations for this conference. It's the first time that I participated in this conference and I am impressed with the quality of the papers and certainly I looking forward to the next edition wishing that will the same success of this one.
    I hope that you will more areas of expertise like telecommunications. I hope too, more cooperation between Portugal and Romania in all areas of knowledge.

    Paulo Torres

  • First of all, many thanks for giving me the chance to be here for the conference & collaborations.
    I am glad for the success of the conference, your efforts and helps are highly appreciated.
    I would be glad to attend the conference in the coming years.
    Hieu Le

  • It was my great impression to participate in MECAHITECH 2011 and enjoy the city of Bucharest. If I have the chance again, I will be here next time.
    Pornporm Boomporn

  • It's a great pleasure to joining MECAHITECH 2011. If I have a chance, I’ll be back again.
    Thank you for everything!

    22 Sept. 2011
    Supakit Roopakun

  • I like it in here, and this conference is very interesting for my career.
    Karolina Celi

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