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IINCDMTM facilitates employees' access to the scientific literature through the ANELIS PLUS project.
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INCDMTM is a co-organized of ICIE 2021 Conference

INCDMTM is proud to inform that it is involved in the organizing of this year's edition of ICIE, as a co-organizer.

ICIE is an event that is not based only in a purely academic but also technological and innovative dimensions, across the most diverse sectors of activity.

The objective of this conference is to make this moment an opportunity to show the set innovations and engineering achievements, as well as to transmit to all participants an overview about potentiating the foundations for the creation of networks of knowledge and entrepreneurial cooperation, involving Innovation, Engineering and Entrepreneurship stakeholders.

This edition is specially focused on new achievements brought from Academia to Industry and Society, highlighting and proposing solutions for some main problems related with industrial and societal challenges, having as main target the creation of added value for real economy, taking into account sustainability of resources.

For more details on ICIE 2021, please go to www.icieng.eu


On 1 July 2021, a meeting took place between members of the project team "Support Center for international RDI projects in the field of Mechatronics and Cyber-MixMecronics" implemented by INCDMTM and Mrs. Paula Badinu, management consultant with the Association "Magurele Science Park-AMSP" . The meeting was an opportunity for discussing the opportunities for collaboration and joint actions meant to facilitate the creation of links between the industry and research and the development of innovative entrepreneurship at regional and national level, as well as the establishment of a joint plan of initiatives to facilitate the transfer of research results in the regional economic environment. As a result of the discussions, the preconditions for building partnerships for the development of joint RDI projects for Horizon 2020, Horizon Europe and other international programs were also created.

More About the Actors Involved

The Support Center for International RDI Projects in the field of Mechatronics was created in order to increase the capacity to participate in European competitions, with the role of supporting potential applicants to competitions funded by the HORIZON 2020 program and other international programs, creating synergies with RDI actions, developing a common strategic perspective for unlocking the potential for excellence in the field of RDI, increasing the impact of European funds as well as increasing the Romanian participation in research at EU level. The team of the Support Center for international RDI projects in the field of Mechatronics and Cyber-MixMecronics is experienced in writing and implementing projects with European funding. If you have identified a call of interest for which you need support in order to submit to European competitions, send us an email to incdmtm@incdmtm.ro.

'Magurele Science Park' Association contributes to the development of innovative entrepreneurship at regional and national level, by creating links between industry and research and facilitates the dialogue between researchers and academia, entrepreneurship and the business sector and public authorities.

We develop the community and we create relations!