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Professor Ion Stiharu's Visit - Opportunities and Prospects for Long-Term Collaborations

Between 4 and 9 September 2023, professor Ion STIHARU, a high-ranking researcher in the diaspora, visited Romania. On this occasion, the National Institute of Research and Development in Mechatronics and Measurement Technique hosted a series of events dedicated to facilitating the collaboration between INCDMTM and this famous researcher in the diaspora, but also with other people and entities active in the field of mechatronics and in the related ones.

Thus, on 5 and, respectively, 6 September 2023, INCDMTM organized two workshops on the occasion of the visit of Professor Ion Stiharu to Bucharest, as part of a wider program of collaboration with him and which also included the participation of the Professor in ICoRSE International Conference, where he delivered a keynote speech. Representatives of UPB, IMT, INOE 2000 – IHP and researchers in INCDMTM Bucharest participated in these workshops. At the same time, the professor and the guests had the opportunity to visit the most important laboratories of the Institute and to get an idea of the research infrastructure and the areas of expertise of the research teams in INCDMTM.

As a result of the discussions, common points of interest and opportunities for collaboration in future projects were identified.

The organized events and meetings contributed, on the one hand, to enriching the knowledge of the research teams by participating in the lectures given by the famous researcher in the diaspora, and on the other hand, to strengthening the collaborative relations with professor Ion Stiharu. At the same time, the premises for long-term collaborations were created by initiating and preparing joint projects in order to participate in European research funding competitions.

The visit took place in accordance with the calendar of activities established within the PN-IV-P2-2.2-MCD-2023-0075 mobility project, Contract no. 8/7/08.2023.

INCDMTM received the visit of Professor Ion Stiharu

The National Institute of Research and Development in Mechatronics and Measurement Techniques benefited, on 24 May 2023, from the visit of Dr. Ion Stiharu, a reputed expert in mechanical, industrial and aerospace engineering, a professor and researcher at "Concordia" University in Montreal in Canada and the director of "CONCAVE - Concordia Center for Advanced Vehicle Engineering".

During the meeting, discussions were held regarding future research projects and new directions of collaboration between the two organizations were outlined. In this context, Professor Ion Stiharu described the educational system in Canada, presented the university where he teaches, as well as the research directions currently addressed by the department he belongs to, and reviewed the possible common points for virtual joint projects.

Professor Ion Stiharu's visit made a major contribution to the development of the exchange of knowledge, professional skills and abilities in research and education in mechatronics and mechanical engineering.

"E3: DRIVEN for You" Multiplier Event

On 12 May 2023, at the headquarters of 'Politehnica' University of Bucharest, at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronics, the "E3: DRIVEN for You” Multiplier Event took place under the framework of the Project „Enhance Skills and Competences to Boost Ecological Innovation in Automotive Industry – DRIVEN” which is co-funded by the ERASMUS+ Programme of the European Union.

The event was organized by the partner INCDMTM and brought together representatives of the target groups consisting of higher education institutions, SMEs, manufacturers, associations, on the occasion of which the following intellectual results of the project were presented and promoted:

• The action plan for the implementation of the circular economy concept applied in the automotive industry with the view to develop education and training systems that allow the employment and mobility of the workforce in the respective field.

• The curriculum for dual education: Updated educational programs and curricula for higher education, taking dual aspects into account, and aimed at supporting the flow of information between learners and businesses.

• The innovative textbooks: A set of innovative textbooks for dedicated lectures, that will be a part of the dual education curriculum – that are developed for the purposed of facilitating the flow of information between students and businesses.

• The best practices in the automotive industry: their role is to promote innovative approaches to the project partnership, which offers a set of best practices based on issues related to the circular economy and new research topics in the field.

• The E-learning platform: which aims to adapt study programs with a greater focus on practice, namely the application of aspects and procedures of the circular economy in the automotive industry, which will also serve as a project portal, i.e. a unified electronic platform where businesses and students can share their needs.

More information about the projeect can be found here: https://incdmtm.ro/cadruproiect.php?id=9&detail=PREZENTARE

Contact person: Simona Istrițeanu, PhD, Eng., INCDMTM

INCDMTM gives access to the archive belonging to the ICOMECYME conference to all interested parties

For access to the archive, please click here.

The National Recovery and Resilience Plan Offers - via MCID - 8, 8 Million Euros
for Projects that Have Been Awarded the "Marie Sklodowska-Curie" Certificate of Excellence

The projects that have received a "Marie Sklodowska-Curie" certificate of excellence can benefit, through the funding provided by the Ministry of Research, Innovation and Digitization, of funding in the total amount of 8 million Euros, through Investment 9 "Support for holders of certificates of excellence offered on occasion on the competition for individual Marie Sklodowska-Curie scholarships", related to the Component 9 of the "National Recovery and Resilience Plan”. This financing instrument is made available to 50 researchers who hold certificates of excellence offered as part of the "Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions", which were developed under the umbrella of the framework programs "Horizon 2020" and "Horizon Europe" and gives to the beneficiaries the opportunity to fully carry out a research project in Romania, in a host institution active in the field of RDI, via grants for the implementation of research projects that have already been evaluated and received an MSCA Certificate of Excellence from the European Commission.

Researchers who will benefit from funding can apply for either the "individual fellowship" or the "postdoctoral fellowship" option. In the case of the first option, they will benefit from either a maximum amount of 141,768 Euros, and in the case of choosing the second option, the financing offered will amount to no more than 149,568 Euros. This financing method constitutes an alternative source of funds that will allow researchers from all over the European Union to implement highly valuable projects as part of Romanian research institutions, thus ensuring the closing of the gap between Romanian research and that in more advanced countries.

In order to benefit from funding, project applications must be submitted by the host institution, via the following platform: https://proiecte.pnrr.gov.ro, the selection being made according to the principle of ′first come, first served′, before 31.12.2023.

More details about these grants can be found here: https://www.research.gov.ro/ro/articol/5628/programe-europene-planul-nationat-de-redresare-si-rezitienta-pnrr-componenta-9-suport-pentru-sectorul-privat-cercetare-dezvoltare-si-inovare

The third transnational meeting of the DRIVEN project took place in Bucharest, on 21 and 22 June 2022

Starting from September 1, 2020 and until August 31, 2023, the National Institute of Research and Development in Mechatronics and Measurement Techniques in Bucharest implements, as a partner, together with the Slovak Center for Scientific and Technical Information (project coordinator), the University of Belgrade, Serbia and University of Pécs, Hungary, ERASMUS+ Project "Improving skills and competences to stimulate green innovation in the automotive industry - DRIVEN".

On 21-22.06.2022, the third transnational meeting of the DRIVEN project took place in Bucharest, at the INCDMTM headquarters, in which the partners addressed issues related to the results and solutions offered by the project and how they can be transferable and accessible to the widest possible audience from the automotive industry and adjacent fields. The results of the project will materialize in an improved educational curriculum and a set of tools (innovative manuals, e-learning, recommendations, action plan, network), focused especially on the implementation of dual education in the automotive field, as well as on increasing skills and effective cooperation between companies, academia and decision-makers in the automotive industry, the circular economy and beyond.

The DRIVEN project addresses current topics related to the development of skills for green solutions in the automotive industry and focuses on education in topics such as waste management, material reuse and new materials in the industry; it also focuses on skills development for the electric vehicle industry; and last but not least, it aims to support research on the implementation of alternative fuels and energy efficiency resources to be used in the automotive industry, all in line with the concept of the circular economy.

INCDMTM Partner Coordinator, Eng. Diana – Mura Badea, PhD, e-mail: dianammura@gmail.com; contact person, Eng. Simona Istrițeanu, PhD, e-mail: simona.istriteanu@incdmtm.ro

Further information is presented on the INCDMTM website at https://incdmtm.ro/cadruproiect.php?id=9&detail=PREZENTARE as well as on the project website https://www.projectdriven.eu/.


On 28.06.2022, between 10.00 and 12.30, the closing event of the „Partnerships for the transfer of knowledge to increase the competitiveness of companies in the field of automotive and car components industry and to increase traffic safety – KTAutoComp″ Project. The event took place exclusively online, on the Zoom platform and was organized by INCDMTM, with the support of partners: SC COMIS SRL, SC APEL SRL, SC ICPE SA, SC IP Automatic Design SRL.

The purpose of the workshop was to present the results of the KTAutoComp project; of the manner how the project achieved the objectives set and demonstration of the effectiveness of the interaction with the companies involved in the project.

According to the agenda, members of the implementation / management teams from the beneficiary and partners presented the overview of the KTAutoComp project, the sustainability of partnerships made for collaboration and knowledge transfer, the results obtained under type D subsidiary contracts, within project and presentation of the dissemination component.

The workshop was attended by 35 people, including representatives of academia: from IMT, "Victor Babeș" Institute, "Politehnica" University of Bucharest, INFLPR, but also representatives of partners and INCDMTM.

The works of the workshop were presented by: Daniela Cioboată, PhD, Eng., Cristian Logofătu, Eng., Mihai Selagea, PhD Student, Eng. (SC APEL LASER), Paul Minciunescu. PhD, Eng., (ICPE SA), and Andreea Stanciu.

The KTAutoComp project was initiated with the aim of consolidating public-private partnerships between INCDMTM Bucharest and economic agents, in order to develop competitive products and services and capitalize on the results of research and innovation in the economic environment, through knowledge transfer. It was implemented over a period of 70 months, starting with 08.09.2016 and aimed at increasing the competitiveness of large, small and medium enterprises with market potential, concerned with the development / testing / manufacture of parts and subassemblies in construction cars (steering mechanisms, gearboxes, suspension systems, power steering, engines, etc.), by improving innovation policies focused on the transfer of knowledge between science and industry, taking into account the experience of INCDMTM.

KTAutoComp has made an important contribution to increasing the competitiveness of companies in the automotive and components industry, with market potential, by promoting investments in RDI and developing links and synergies with them, during the implementation period, based on contracts concluded subsidiaries, projects with SC APEL LASER SRL, SC COMIS SRL, SC ICPE SA, SC IP Automatic Design SRL, as follows: within emerging processing technologies in the automotive field - IMPLA ″, partner: SC APEL LASER SRL, following which the following devices were made: equipment for micro-processing of laser surfaces, with active fiber environment; experimental prototype CLEAN 100ME; 3-axis controlled movement system and control block; „Research on the realization and testing / optimization of a high-performance technological system for the manufacture and control of medium-sized roller bearing rings, manufactured on numerically controlled machining machines, to increase the competitiveness of SC COMIS SRL - SisConIR ″, partner: SC COMIS SRL, as a result of which the following devices were made: equipment for the multiparameter control of the bearing rings; computerized system of devices for measuring bearing rings; equipment for the defective control of bearing rings, respectively "Knowledge transfer for the realization of an electric motor for power steering, intended for electric vehicles - MO-SERVEL", partner: SC ICPE SA, following which research was carried out the BLDC motor device for car power steering assistance.

The KTAutoComp project (SMIS code 105552, competition code POC-A1-A1.2.3-G-2015) was co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund through the Operational Program Competitiveness (POC) 2014-2020, Priority Axis 1, Action 1.2.3: Partnerships for knowledge transfer, based on the financing contract no. 85 / 08.09.2016 concluded with the National Authority for Scientific Research and Innovation, as Intermediate Body for Research, on behalf of and for the Ministry of European Funds, as Managing Authority for POC, and the total value of the project was 7,311,000 lei, of which 6,272,500 lei eligible non-reimbursable value from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).


The persons who would like to know more about the newest achievments of The National Institute of Research and Development in Mechatronics and Measurement Technique are kindly invited to click here to see the contents of the file.

INCDMTM Invites Researchers to Submit Papers for the Second Edition of ICoRSE International Conference

The National Institute of Research and Development in Mechatronics and Measurement Technique will organize, between 8 and 9 September 2022, the second edition of "ICoRSE" International Conference - International Conference on Reliable Systems Engineering ".

The aim of the conference is to bring together actors in the public and private research and development scene in as many countries as possible, both from academia and industry, the fields of mechatronics, but also related ones, so that they have the opportunity to assert themselves and promote the latest results of their work. Last but not least, by organizing this event, The National Institute of Research and Development in Mechatronics and Measurement Technique offers its own employees an opportunity for having a successful career and establishing contacts with researchers in other countries, in order to lay the foundations for outstanding collaborations.

The Conference Proceedings will be published by the prestigious "Springer" publishing house in the ’Lecture Notes’ collection of the ’ Networks and Systems’ book series and will be indexed in "Scopus" international database.

The first edition of this event, under the current name, took place in September 2021 and facilitated the interaction and exchange of experience and good practices between experts in universities, research institutes and business representatives from 12 countries in Europe, North America, and Asia.

For more information, please visit www.icorseng.eu.

IINCDMTM facilitates employees' access to the scientific literature through the ANELIS PLUS project.
For details, click on the image below:

INCDMTM is a co-organized of ICIE 2021 Conference

INCDMTM is proud to inform that it is involved in the organizing of this year's edition of ICIE, as a co-organizer.

ICIE is an event that is not based only in a purely academic but also technological and innovative dimensions, across the most diverse sectors of activity.

The objective of this conference is to make this moment an opportunity to show the set innovations and engineering achievements, as well as to transmit to all participants an overview about potentiating the foundations for the creation of networks of knowledge and entrepreneurial cooperation, involving Innovation, Engineering and Entrepreneurship stakeholders.

This edition is specially focused on new achievements brought from Academia to Industry and Society, highlighting and proposing solutions for some main problems related with industrial and societal challenges, having as main target the creation of added value for real economy, taking into account sustainability of resources.

For more details on ICIE 2021, please go to www.icieng.eu


On 1 July 2021, a meeting took place between members of the project team "Support Center for international RDI projects in the field of Mechatronics and Cyber-MixMecronics" implemented by INCDMTM and Mrs. Paula Badinu, management consultant with the Association "Magurele Science Park-AMSP" . The meeting was an opportunity for discussing the opportunities for collaboration and joint actions meant to facilitate the creation of links between the industry and research and the development of innovative entrepreneurship at regional and national level, as well as the establishment of a joint plan of initiatives to facilitate the transfer of research results in the regional economic environment. As a result of the discussions, the preconditions for building partnerships for the development of joint RDI projects for Horizon 2020, Horizon Europe and other international programs were also created.

More About the Actors Involved

The Support Center for International RDI Projects in the field of Mechatronics was created in order to increase the capacity to participate in European competitions, with the role of supporting potential applicants to competitions funded by the HORIZON 2020 program and other international programs, creating synergies with RDI actions, developing a common strategic perspective for unlocking the potential for excellence in the field of RDI, increasing the impact of European funds as well as increasing the Romanian participation in research at EU level. The team of the Support Center for international RDI projects in the field of Mechatronics and Cyber-MixMecronics is experienced in writing and implementing projects with European funding. If you have identified a call of interest for which you need support in order to submit to European competitions, send us an email to incdmtm@incdmtm.ro.

'Magurele Science Park' Association contributes to the development of innovative entrepreneurship at regional and national level, by creating links between industry and research and facilitates the dialogue between researchers and academia, entrepreneurship and the business sector and public authorities.

We develop the community and we create relations!


The DRIVEN project (managed by INCDMTM) was promoted on the platform of the “Magurele Science Park” Association and in its newsletter


We are pleased to announce that the ERASMUS + project "Improving skills and competencies to stimulate ecological innovation in the automotive industry - DRIVEN", initiated by INCDMTM Bucharest, has benefited from increased visibility due to the promotion by its strategic partner, Magurele Science Park Association”.


Below is an excerpt from the page of this association, but also an image extracted from the newsletter sent to stakeholders by the Association "Magurele Science Park", where you can find details about the aforementioned project.