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Environmental Engineering and Renewable Engineering Systems

Activity Field

The experts of this laboratory developed several innovative systems:

Diagnostic system for passenger cars
The diagnosis system is a computerized, redundant system that allows the detection of a defect, the place of its occurrence, and finds how to eliminate it and memorize the event.

Eco-friendly, vacuum toilet system for passenger cars - Eco-toilet
The vacuum toilet system is a compact, automated product, with low water consumption and electro-pneumatic operation, which meets the requirements for use on passenger trains at the level of European standards on hygiene and environmental protection.

Investigation system specific to hard composite materials
The investigation system of hard metal powders is to be used for physical determinations of powders that directly influence the quality of the finished products obtained by sintering.

The alcoholmeter Contorul de alcool is an equipment for determining the production of ethyl alcohol and is part of the category of drum flow meters that performs direct and discontinuous measurement of the liquid flow.

Flow meter with digital display, for hydraulic pump test stands
The flow meter uses a variable time base and a turbine flow transducer, which allows the use of six constructive variants depending on the measuring range.

Mass thermal flow meter
The mass thermal flow meter measures the flows of industrial gases based on the principle of hot wire anemometry.

V-con flow meter for industrial liquids
The device is part of the category of flow meters, with constant measurement section, without moving parts, which performs the indirect measurement of the flow of industrial liquids.

Time unit transmission system via GPS signal - MASTER CLOCK
The master clock displays the universal time information (hour, minute, second) and date (day, month, year) and allows preselection of local time to universal (Greenwich) time.

The lithometer is a system for measuring the fuel consumption of trucks and buses equipped with diesel engines.

Heat treatment furnaces control and regulation system
The product is a control and temperature control system for low capacity electric ovens for heat treatment laboratories.

Portable tachometer
The tachometer is an opto-electronic device based on noncontact measurements and that operabtes as a result of the generation of a light spot that is projected in the direction of a reflective element (brand) mounted on the rotating part.

Measurement and control device transmitter
The transmitter is a unified signal device based on the principle of galvanic separation, designed to equip measuring and control devices in domestic production, in order to increase the degree of automation of measurement processes.

Simple and intercommunication doors that operate the doors of passenger train cars
Simple and intercommunication doors are electropneumatic systems that operate the doors of passenger train cars.