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THE CALIBRATION LABORATORY - LE (link Erris: https://eeris.eu/ERIF-2000-000C-0166)

The field of activity of the Calibration Laboratory (LE) is the measurement of the relative pressure of fluids and gases and it is recognized by the National Accreditation Body RENAR as per the Accreditation Certificate LE009 / 01.02.2025, in accordance with SR EN ISO / CEI 17025 : 2018.


Services we offer to our customers:

The laboratory services meet the requirements of beneficiaries in Romania and abroad who have measuring instruments in the field of pressure, in accordance with the quality standard SR EN ISO 9001: 2015 - Quality management system, as well as legal requirements according to the standard SR EN ISO / CEI 17025 : 2018 - General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories.

The Calibration Lab offers on site calibration services for the following accredited ranges:

Nr. Crt. Size measured/Calibrated item Measuring range Measurement conditions/ Procedure Extended measurement uncertainty Frequency
1 2 3 4 5 6
1.                   Relative pressure /MECHANICAL AND ELECTRO-MECHANICAL DEVICES FOR MEASURING PRESSURE -1x105 Pa, 1x105 Pa -/LE-PE-11Ed.1/rev.0 (5x10-4xp) Pa


(p-measured value)

1x105 Pa, 7x105 Pa (5x10-4xp) Pa
7x105 Pa, 60x105 Pa (5x10-4xp) Pa
60x105 Pa, 1100x105 Pa (5x10-4xp) Pa


The calibration process makes use of the following updated documents:


The Laboratory uses the following calipers, traceable to the International System of Units (IS):

  1. Digital calibrator type MCX 100 – BEAMEX;
  2. Digital calibrator type MC5 - BEAMEX;
  3. Digital calibrator type LPP-KIT-HK-LPC;
  4. Digital calibrator type TLDMM;
  5. Digital calibrator type WIKA;
  6. Manometer with piston and weights type MPG-1200 bar
  7. Manometer with piston and weights type MPG-7 bar
  8. Manometer with piston and weights type MPG-1…1 bar
  9. Digital multimeter type FLUKE;


Head of laboratory: Valentina Băjenaru , PhD, Eng.
E-mail: incdmtm@incdmtm.ro / valibajenaru@yahoo.com
Phone: +4021 252 30 68/69 / int. 355/357
Fax: +4021 252 34 37