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Integrated Control Mechatronic Systems

Activity Field

Established at the same time with the Institute, this team has carried out research and development works and thousands of projects for our main beneficiaries, from the simplest types of projects (calibers, mechanical devices, cushions and pneumatic rings equipped with calipers etc.), to the most complex tightness checking machines, dowel picking machines, rocker arm plugs, rocker arm presses, etc.).
The laboratory benefits from modern computing techniques and specialized design software. The laboratory specialists have participated and are continuously participating in increasing the level of professional training by participating in specialization courses.
We are one of the main suppliers of unique installations, machines, equipment and devices for the control of car parts for the company Automobile Dacia-Groupe Renault.
By exploiting the results of research in cooperation with other laboratories of the Institute (MMI4, MMI3 and MMI2 Laboratories), as well as in collaboration with renowned companies (Festo, Ateq, Siemens, Bosch, Parker, Mitutoyo, Mahr, Tesa, Tox-Pressotechknic, etc.). , we have managed to generate competitive projects not only on a national scale but also internationally.
Some of our achievements have been exhibited on occasion of national and international fairs and have been awarded with important prizes.

Activity Fields
  1. Research projects under national and international programes
  2. On demand design of:
    • Mechanical and electronic dimensional control devices
    • Machnies, installations and computing devices for dimensional control
    • Pneumatic instaltations, devices and parts for dimensional control
    • Tightness checking macnihes and installations
    • Mounting machines, installations and devices
    • T-NT Calipers
  3. Technical studies
  4. Control technologies